Belle & Beau of the Ball

Voting is now open for Ms. Belle and Mr. Beau of the Ball at our 2nd Annual “Promenade – Adult Porm” Fundraiser!

Reaching Our Full Potential

Personal Development

One Student At A Time

Strengthen ties between schools , universities, and community organizations.

Be A STAR Initiative 2019

Improved Academic Engagement

Silver Lining Youth Services implements and facilitates the delivery of evidenced-based programs that strengthen the developmental assets of youth by promoting the value of education, positive self-esteem, social competency, and conflict resolution strategies that enable youth to experience success now and in their futures.

Silver Lining Youth Services
Annual Fundraiser

The second annual PromenadeAdult PromFundraiser will be held April 25, 2020, at the Wake Forest Biotech Place Atrium in Winston-Salem, NC. During this event, patrons dressed in their tuxedos and gowns, will be able to relive yester years prom night activity.

Milestone Achievement Award
2019 Honoree: Sheriff Bobby F. Kimbrough, Jr.

Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 8PM








Top Belle



Top Beau

Tony Burton III


Tony Burton Silver Lining Youth Services Tony Burton Vote for $1 VOTE FOR Jemi Moore Silver Lining Youth Services Jemi Moore Vote for $1 VOTE FOR Jonathan Stowe Silver Lining Youth Services Jonathan Stowe Vote for $1 VOTE FOR Kimberly Venable Silver Lining Youth Services Kimberly Venable Vote for $1 VOTE FOR Crystal Barner Silver Lining Youth Services Crystal Barner Vote for $1 VOTE FOR Andrew Dinkins Silver Lining Youth Services Andrew Dinkins Vote for $1 VOTE FOR

Personal Development

  • Offering programs and services designed to assist elementary, middle and high school students develop a healthy sense of the academic, social and  emotional tools needed to be productive and successful members of our community.

Improved Academic Engagement and Performance

  • Link students to tutors, mentors and volunteers to improve academic performance
  • Support the academic professioanl goals to increase students’s performance on state reading . writing and math assessments of participating students

Strengthen ties between schools , universities, and community organizations.

  • Increase students access to and use of relevant resources available through community partners
  • Increase coordination of services to participating students and family

Enhance family literacy

  • Place importance of family and supports in each activity we engage.
  • Offer a platform for skill-building activities and family engagement.
  • Increase coordination of services to participating youth and family

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