Our Mission

Silver Lining Youth Services is dedicated to empowering individuals and families and strengthening communities through linking resources where need exists and propelling academic advancement.

Vision Statement

Educators working with students in various settings to make their lives better through academic and social engagement. 

Guiding Principles

Four principal factors drive our mission:

  1. Our knowledge that youth who experience academic failure often begin to exhibit other kinds of negative behavior (e.g., substance abuse, disruption, negative self-esteem) and disengage from school;
  2. A concern that many students need more time and individual attention than schools are able to provide to master basic academic skills;
  3. A belief that it is stressful and unproductive for most children under the 14 years old to be left on their own after school; and
  4. A conviction that low-income children deserve the same opportunity as their more advantaged peers to explore expressive arts, sports, and other developmentally enriching activities.